“When sad eyes greeting
Upon first meeting
For a moment, feeding
My faintest hope

That in your mind
I should find a sign
Of a bit of depth
Beyond surface trope

And repeat this dance
In helpless trance
For faintest chance
A thousandth time

Until then, my unmet friend
I but hide my loneliness in rhyme

What’s on the surface
Finding wholly worthless
Seeking instead
The marrow within

But finding there
That blank drooling stare
The redundant shallowness of men

But here, a spark!
Halt and hark
A rare soul which stands awake

To teach and learn
Beyond words (Discerned)
Who sees what’s real
Through all that’s fake.”

Ennui, Dustin Stitt (Founder, The Little Book of Poetry Movement)

The Little Book of Poetry Movement (Our Charity):

Poetry has always been the medium I’ve used to get through life’s tough experiences, so I decided to take the negativity that inspired the work and create something positive out of it. “The Little Book of Poetry” is an anthology and journal focused on self-recovery through contemplation and expression. All of the profit from the book goes toward charity, random acts of kindness, or charitable organizations. Historically, I’ve used the funds to help community college students purchase supplies or travel overseas. I’m very happy to mail a free copy of the book to anyone who is struggling with mental confliction but can’t afford to purchase it. I will do so anonymously knowing that most people find something relatable in the book, but that many people are uncomfortable discussing the difficult issues it covers.

The poetry in the book was inspired by growing up in a broken home, loss of a loved one, war, PTSD, religious and spiritual confliction, and a thousand other emotions that should be entirely normal to express, but instead are tucked away from the public eye.

You can find out more about the book or purchase it at the following link: