Free, Instant Blog Networking Opportunity (July edition)

All – I started this free, instant networking opportunity last month as a way to help us get to know one another. I’m smack in the middle of home buying and moving at the moment, but I still wanted to check in briefly to allow the super talented folks in my network to share a little about what they do and why.

For those in my network – post a piece that you’d like some extra visibility on, and I’ll share a few that align with my “mission” as time allows. For folks both in my network or outside of it, write a brief description of what your blog offers readers. I’ll be sure to take a look at it and I hope many of my friends will as well. I’m hoping to give back a little and share some of the inspiration ya’ll give me. Simple as that! I’ll do this once per month. 🙂

Thanks, much love.


Working Class Economics

My thoughts for the day(cade). I’m about over this running in place thing. I’m always strategizing about how to live authentically but also break away from institutional control. Financial independence is the Millennial American Dream – not a house we can’t afford or a truck that shows how in debt we are. I think my generation largely just wants to live a simpler life – and many of us are BUSTING IT to make that happen.