We’re Launched!

Hey folks – welcome to our new site and thank you for visiting! I’m a lifelong overthinker who got his “sea legs” for writing as a Navy Intelligence Specialist, where detail and clarity were consequential attributes. It was also in that pursuit that I learned of my passion for studying leadership and team-building philosophies, and how introverts have a lot to add to those endeavors that might not naturally be apparent. 

I believe that self-betterment is best achieved through a learning mentality, and my goal is to explore the concepts of culture, leadership, self-help, and character growth in my blog, while providing writing services to like-minded and people-first leaders and businesses. 

Below is a list of services I can provide:

  • Content Writing
  • Articles and Essays
  • Policy Review
  • How-to Guides
  • Research Projects
  • Interviews and Biographies
  • Editing (Content, Books, Essays, Articles, Etc.)
  • Business Advertisements
  • Constructive critique/coaching for aspiring authors
  • Open-source threat assessments/POLMIL overviews and country briefs
  • Training guides
  • Scenario Development 
  • Lyrical Writing and Poetry
  • Discounted/Free advertising for charitable organizations

My hope is that the blog will serve as a portfolio for my writing style. My particular strengths are in persuasive writing and memoir, but as I mentioned – I’m well-versed in more technical topics, have been awarded at the collegiate level, and will eventually dedicate myself to writing exclusively as a profession. In the meantime, this is a way for me to pursue that dream and grow the network, and I appreciate any business and networking opportunities from other world-changers.

Once well established, I plan to use my platform to help other aspiring authors and to advertise for people and organizations who are having a positive impact in their communities but are too “quiet” to self-promote. I understand the plight of being too humble or considerate to advertise on your own behalf – everyone needs an advocate! The site is a work in progress, and I appreciate your patience as I get this thing up and running! 

Much Love and Respect, 

Dustin Stitt (Founder)