On world tensions :/

I read this article regarding U.S. tensions with Iran:


And it made me feel these things:

“I make a concerted effort not to get pulled into the news articles that my world used to revolve around. Some countries really make that difficult.

Instead of supporting institutional agendas with swords and shields, with muskets and the lives of soldiers, it is now done with a precarious balance of the threat of nuclear weapons that could devastate entire populations. With chemical warfare or with cyber attacks that could disable the systems we use to run our lives. It’s a game of posturing where the few decide how best to balance escalation with caution, and the many are helpless except for to watch the progression and wonder how soon before millions die.

For honor, through discipline, we stare at people who are a little different than we are with gritted teeth as enemies. And when we see the snarl returned, or witness the atrocities of a war that’s been ongoing for more than a thousand years, our resolve is set in stone. We indoctrinate our children, each that the other side is viciously evil and should only be met on the battlefield.

Oh, to but live in the mountains and ignore it all. At least I’ve gotten the first half accomplished.

احترام السلام والحب احترام السلام والحب احترام السلام والحب احترام السلام والحب”

Love (all of) you people.


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