Free, Instant Blog Networking Opportunity (July edition)

All – I started this free, instant networking opportunity last month as a way to help us get to know one another. I’m smack in the middle of home buying and moving at the moment, but I still wanted to check in briefly to allow the super talented folks in my network to share a little about what they do and why.

For those in my network – post a piece that you’d like some extra visibility on, and I’ll share a few that align with my “mission” as time allows. For folks both in my network or outside of it, write a brief description of what your blog offers readers. I’ll be sure to take a look at it and I hope many of my friends will as well. I’m hoping to give back a little and share some of the inspiration ya’ll give me. Simple as that! I’ll do this once per month. 🙂

Thanks, much love.


3 thoughts on “Free, Instant Blog Networking Opportunity (July edition)

    1. Seriously ya’ll, I hadn’t read this one because of the crazy schedule lately, but just made time to. Go check it out. Much respect, brother. Of course, I know by your other writing that you have such memories, but it’s another thing to read specifics. Keep on keeping on, sir.

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      1. Thank you, brother. I’ve come a long way since then, and these last couple years it’s been more of a personal inspiration of overcoming hardship than dreaded memory, which is why I finally felt comfortable sharing it.

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