Selling my passion project (not to you guys)

Morning guys. I paid five dollars to post this on Craiglist and I’m slightly conflicted about it, so I figured I’d share it here too.

I loved working on my jeep and it helped me through some tough mental times. Grease is great therapy! But I eventually want to write full time and it’s time for me and the wife to get some property, so balanced decisions had to be made. Take a look at the link and the photos to see what I did to the jeep while she was in my hands. There’s also a picture of my beautiful youngling in one.

Have you ever had a mental health project? Share a link in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Selling my passion project (not to you guys)

    1. I got into a few pages of your work yesterday! Really good so far. I love the details that make it real to a fellow vet: like dude’s Jack Daniels bandana. Taking a few notes along the way so I can do a full review, may take some time though. Real life always getting in the way, haha.

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