My True Nature (Video)

A song about a man’s struggle to exemplify the good in a world that isn’t.

Deep within me

There’s potential to be bad man

It’s a constant fight

To control the anger I have and

I feel a killer just arising up from within

And withal I am, I constantly try to control him

It makes me sick

To simply speak to a stranger

Don’t get me wrong

I’d never put a soul in danger

But when I’m all alone I feel I can finally breathe…

So if you could, just all stay away from me

I feel a killer just rising up from within

And withal I am, I constantly try to control him

I bind in chains different parts of my mind

So you think I’m sane and let me stay on the outside

But if you could see me on the inside you’d run away

If you heard the voices in my head you’d be afraid

I feel a killer just rising up from within

And withal I am, I constantly fail to control him

My True Nature (TQV)

10 thoughts on “My True Nature (Video)

    1. Thanks Peter – it’s an older one from a more conflicted time, but darkness always comes and goes in cycles, and few are immune once their innocence is gone (taken?). Brother I got your book in the mail and I’m excited to delve into it, I just haven’t had the opportunity to yet. It’s thicker than I was expecting (feel free to insert a joke here, lol.) I can tell you’ve invested a lot of yourself into it and can’t wait to enjoy your work as time allows.

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  1. Judging from your response to the comment above, you’re not in as dark a place right now as the song suggests, and, for that, I’m glad. The song IS really dark, and when I read just the lyrics, the pain behind them felt palpable. But they’re real, too, and there’s nothing more brave than being real.

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    1. Omg Lovelorn, I’m so happy now. I just had to break everything and rebuild it with my inner voice. I hope you’ll let me send you a free copy of my book once it’s published because it’s incredible what darkness and pain can be transmuted into with a bit of Defiance. (My book is called “Depravity and Defiance”)

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      1. I’m so happy to hear that. I think perhaps I’m going through a similar process of rebuilding right now, which is probably why I’m drawn to your writing. I’d love to read your book when it’s out. I’ll gladly purchase a copy.😊


      2. I’m honored you would offer, and am here if you need an extra reader for any reason, pre-publication. Otherwise, I will wait to read it when it’s all done. That way the reading experience will be immersive and unbroken. (I’m a bit of a nerd like that.) Btw, my name is Nida.

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