3 thoughts on “A quick question for the blogging pros

  1. Hiya. :)) I like the logo! I’m not a blogging pro but I’m pretty sure that the logo placement will have a lot to do with the chosen website theme? So if you haven’t already, you could try out different themes and go for one that includes the logo in a placement you’re happy with. Christian Mihai’s “Art of Blogging” blog might have something helpful about this, not sure… but mostly people reading the blog from here inside WP reader (as I am) won’t see the logo much, except as part of your gravatar, and ultimately it comes down to the content itself and how engaging it is. This post was very friendly and engaging, for example, and that really is the art of blogging, I’d say. 🙂 You could also choose to insert the logo pic at the end of each of your posts, as an image… this would be really nice in the Reader view since WP readers will come to associate this logo with your content… check out Louis’s PhD blog “Learning to Write” for example, he uses the same image for every post… just some ideas. Again, great logo and sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

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    1. Nadine! I’m sorry I’m just now responding to this – had a busy few days! Thanks so much for the encouraging and insightful post. You’re one of the bloggers that makes me really feel like this can be a family one day instead of just a surface level connection with the masses. I shall experiment with your advice and so look forward to finding time to digging into your work more thoroughly.

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      1. Aww! So sweet! Thank you so much!! Btw your logo is definitely effective, since its initials helped me remember your blog’s name after I saw this post!

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