There was a moment, when I thought I’d lost it all…

That’s when I realized, just how far that I could fall

A slowing rhythm, followed by the flattest tone…

That replays in your mind

In the moment when you know you’re all alone

My soul cries out, but no one hears a thing …

No point trying to be strong, no point in trying to be so fake

and I know now, that it won’t ever be the same

And I know that somehow

I need to try to keep myself sane

So many people ask me why I’m pushing so hard

And I say I know how it feels to be so far gone

And I’d rather be gone for the right reasons

Cause we’re only alive for a short season

And I see blood, and I see hate

And I’m falling in the black

Into the blackest place

And I give up, I can’t find love

I’m living on the edge Am I alive or am I dead?

This place is sweet seduction.

And I’d rather be here for the right reasons. 

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