The Good Wife

The good wife stood beside her husband, watching him battle demons that no one else could see.

She watched him yell at invisible men, and finally subdue them. Each day, she watched him DECIDE to be okay, and sometimes, she watched him lose himself. But still, the good wife loved him.

She watched him hate, and crave to kill.

She watched him force back his demented nature as if trying not to retch.

She watched him tempt himself at times, with the quiet of death, but still the good wife loved him.

The good wife watched blood and tears drip from his eyes, as his thoughts overcame him. She saw his spirit rip in two, one half struggling to overtake the other. She saw her husband tear out his own still beating heart, blackened and rotting and putrid, but still the good wife loved him.

She watched her husband battle humanity, authority, and even God…she watched him convulse and sweat in the night. Sometimes, she watched him look at her as if she was a maze that he was lost inside. Other times, as if she were a lamb and he a lion. Other times still, as if she was his only source of comfort – his only hope for peace. And still, the good wife loved her husband.

She saw him speak to himself in foreign tongues, retreat to places that were on no map, and roll his eyes backward into his head completely.

She watched his mouth foam as he contorted and growled as no man should. She watched him stand completely still, gazing into the night as if terrors would soon approach. She watched him drink, lose himself to music, and write poems in blood trying but failing to overcome himself. But still the good wife loved him.

She watched me trembling there, dressed in white, and watched still when I finally found my peace. A white dove descended from heaven and healed the wounds of my very soul. Excitedly, I ran toward her loving arms, keen to repay my many debts.

But it had been too long, she’d endured too much. She stood but a shadow that I could not touch. My greatest fear, I’d tainted the very spirit of my good wife.

And though this hasn’t happened yet – though it’s still just thought in wretched head – a demon that should ne’er be fed, it’s the reason for my strife.

But never fear, and always fear; for I still have comfort – she’s drawing near…a moment’s peace and silence here, in the arms of my good wife.

And for another day, she comforts me, knowing not the true extent of what I am.

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