Life and Death, the First Professors

Having tasted the bitterness of death, and the sweetness of life –

Having felt the ocean’s spray on my face, and the cool melted snow of a mountain spring –

Having falsely smiled for those I love, and openly wept for strangers, who became friends, who became strangers –

Having hurt and triumphed, loved and lost –

Having brought new life into the world –

Having stretched my mind, broken barriers…

Questioned…Doubted… Having known, loved, and (at times) hated more than one man’s God –

Having wandered the desert, sailed the open sea, and soared in the clouds –

Having guided children while yet lost –

Having read and having written

I find myself wondering what yet remains. To understand, and with favor of luck, to be understood.

For all of us, having known the many noises of our world, shall one day succumb to the quiet that awaits us.

For now, we but live and learn, one from another.

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