Fourth Generation Navy Veteran Runs Local Non-Profit for Fatherhood

Since April 2008, Fathers Fighting for Their Childrens’ Hearts (f3TCh) has been committed to assisting father’s in their efforts to fight for and protect their relationship with their children. Whether through the consequences of divorce, parental alienation, or cultural/judicial injustice, a growing number of children across the nation are growing up without the male influence that has proven so necessary to achieving a balanced adulthood. Meanwhile, violence in schools and communities continues to increase, and rates of drug and alcohol abuse (as well as suicide rates) are measurably higher in children who come from fatherless homes. Dwight Stitt, the organization’s founder and a fourth generation Navy Veteran, is an astounding example of the attribute that is the very core of f3TCh: Ownership.

Dwight has fought for over a decade to ensure that f3TCh gets the attention it deserves. Through his own consistent and earnest effort, he has built the organization from the ground up, often funding its many free events with funds from his own pocket. It’s consistent growth, including a Ted talk delivered in Amsterdam, presentations at local veteran’s chapters, and a forth-coming commercially sponsored event, have all been earned through the sweat and tears of one honest man.

You see, in addition to trying to change the world, Dwight maintains a full-time job as a market manager. He doesn’t stop there, though: while giving his fullest effort to his company and building this now successful organization from the ground up, Dwight still manages to embody the values that his organization represents. He sets an example of character for his children and community, and treasures each moment he is able to spend with them. Despite the busy schedule he maintains in his effort to set an example and achieve his dreams, he has still managed to inspire and create opportunities for fathers in East Tennessee to bond with their children.

Every summer, f3TCh runs a camp where fathers can spend the weekend with their children, fish, and canoe down Clinton’s Clinch River, all for free. He coordinates the use of gear for those that need it, and provides any support necessary for anyone (from anywhere) to be able to attend. Just this year, f3TCh has achieved amazing growth. In fact, on April 27th 2019, Sevierville’s Casual Pint and Buddy’s Barbeque sponsored the organization’s first ever benefit night!

Please see a few photos below, along with a flyer for the forth coming event. To speak with Dwight, call 865-250-7992. Also watch the organization’s TED talk at Visit the Facebook page at

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