We’re Launched!

Hey folks – welcome to our new site and thank you for visiting! I’m a lifelong overthinker who got his “sea legs” for writing as a Navy Intelligence Specialist, where detail and clarity were consequential attributes. It was also in that pursuit that I learned of my passion for studying leadership and team-building philosophies, and how introverts have a lot to add to those endeavors that might not naturally be apparent. 

I believe that self-betterment is best achieved through a learning mentality, and my goal is to explore the concepts of culture, leadership, self-help, and character growth in my blog, while providing writing services to like-minded and people-first leaders and businesses. 

Below is a list of services I can provide:

  • Content Writing
  • Articles and Essays
  • Policy Review
  • How-to Guides
  • Research Projects
  • Interviews and Biographies
  • Editing (Content, Books, Essays, Articles, Etc.)
  • Business Advertisements
  • Constructive critique/coaching for aspiring authors
  • Open-source threat assessments/POLMIL overviews and country briefs
  • Training guides
  • Scenario Development 
  • Lyrical Writing and Poetry
  • Discounted/Free advertising for charitable organizations

My hope is that the blog will serve as a portfolio for my writing style. My particular strengths are in persuasive writing and memoir, but as I mentioned – I’m well-versed in more technical topics, have been awarded at the collegiate level, and will eventually dedicate myself to writing exclusively as a profession. In the meantime, this is a way for me to pursue that dream and grow the network, and I appreciate any business and networking opportunities from other world-changers.

Once well established, I plan to use my platform to help other aspiring authors and to advertise for people and organizations who are having a positive impact in their communities but are too “quiet” to self-promote. I understand the plight of being too humble or considerate to advertise on your own behalf – everyone needs an advocate! The site is a work in progress, and I appreciate your patience as I get this thing up and running! 

Much Love and Respect, 

Dustin Stitt (Founder)

On world tensions :/

I read this article regarding U.S. tensions with Iran:


And it made me feel these things:

“I make a concerted effort not to get pulled into the news articles that my world used to revolve around. Some countries really make that difficult.

Instead of supporting institutional agendas with swords and shields, with muskets and the lives of soldiers, it is now done with a precarious balance of the threat of nuclear weapons that could devastate entire populations. With chemical warfare or with cyber attacks that could disable the systems we use to run our lives. It’s a game of posturing where the few decide how best to balance escalation with caution, and the many are helpless except for to watch the progression and wonder how soon before millions die.

For honor, through discipline, we stare at people who are a little different than we are with gritted teeth as enemies. And when we see the snarl returned, or witness the atrocities of a war that’s been ongoing for more than a thousand years, our resolve is set in stone. We indoctrinate our children, each that the other side is viciously evil and should only be met on the battlefield.

Oh, to but live in the mountains and ignore it all. At least I’ve gotten the first half accomplished.

احترام السلام والحب احترام السلام والحب احترام السلام والحب احترام السلام والحب”

Love (all of) you people.


On Stress Addiction

There’s a real strength that comes from knowing your own limits (or, in some cases, seeming lack of limits). I’m writing specifically from the veteran’s viewpoint, but the concept applies to anyone who has consistently overcome obstacles they didn’t think they’d be able to overcome.

It’s easy enough to accomplish the impossible when the choice is taken from you.

In the instance of service, there is rarely ever a choice. Service-members are faced with terrifying obstacles from the time they join – from entering a tear gas chamber for the first time to entering a battle for the first time – and presumably anyone reading this who relates has survived those challenging obstacles and gained the confidence that comes along with it.

Something else comes along with it, too.

“Overcoming the odds” is an addictive accomplishment that can leave us feeling like we’re failing when life finally settles down. The feeling of “I can handle more than this” can often be replaced with “I SHOULD be handling more than this,” and we can easily become addicted to living on the edge of burnout – or worse, on the edge of life and death. There’s a healthy way to process that feeling, and a plethora of unhealthy ones.

I once wrote that “Duty is when idealism must be suppressed in favor of rationality,” but the idealist must eventually come to terms with their emotions once more, and eventually you WILL be presented with choices (for some, this prospect seems far into the future). As someone who is trained to handle the impossible, choosing not to add too much to your plate is sometimes difficult. So make sure the things you add are PROductive and not DEstructive.

Go to school. Buy a house. Get a hobby. Play music. Work two jobs and pay off debt. Help others! (Seriously, no matter how much you’re doing, you’ll eventually feel like there’s no point to any of it if it only benefits you). Get into art. Study. Read. Workout.

The other option is to become addicted to TRAUMA rather than STRESS. I’ve been there and done it, but sometimes it’s like we’re tempted to build a checklist of things that are stacked against us in order to validate (to ourselves or others) what we’ve overcome. It’s important to realize that the world isn’t set out to hurt you. You aren’t cursed to a life of pain. There are a lot of tools and resources out there for you to use your resilience in a positive way, but don’t get set on being in pain just so you can overcome it.

As survivors, we need to be aware of this phenomenon. All this said, I’ll be closing on a house at the end of the month (as many of you know), and have decided to return to school full time in addition to working. I’m very excited to see what I can learn from history, and to delve once more into the humanities.

Let others celebrate your victories with you, not just the trauma you’ve overcome.

More to follow, as always.


Free, Instant Blog Networking Opportunity (July edition)

All – I started this free, instant networking opportunity last month as a way to help us get to know one another. I’m smack in the middle of home buying and moving at the moment, but I still wanted to check in briefly to allow the super talented folks in my network to share a little about what they do and why.

For those in my network – post a piece that you’d like some extra visibility on, and I’ll share a few that align with my “mission” as time allows. For folks both in my network or outside of it, write a brief description of what your blog offers readers. I’ll be sure to take a look at it and I hope many of my friends will as well. I’m hoping to give back a little and share some of the inspiration ya’ll give me. Simple as that! I’ll do this once per month. 🙂

Thanks, much love.


Why the Interlude

Greetings, friends.

As many of you know, mine is not a “personal” blog. While I write memoir for philosophical purposes on occasion, my primary mission in writing is to help people who “live on the edge” because of their mental health struggles, so I rarely post updates that are exclusively personal. In this case, I’m making an exception:

I wanted to post a brief explanation for why I haven’t written much this week and why my posts may be intermittent for this entire month:

I’ve taken yet another foray into home ownership. Hopefully this is the last time for a good decade or so. This will be my 4th home purchase (with three sales) and my seventh move in eight years. I should do a post about how living in high stress environments is addictive and tends to make you take more risks than you did before, but I’ll have to save that one for another time.

As many of you know, home buying is pretty stressful stuff and nothing ever goes as planned. BUT – I’m very thankful that my wife and I will have the lovely place below to call our home.

While dealing with the home purchase, we also added another member to our family – Lady will hopefully enjoy the fenced in back yard pictured above.

So – steady progress toward our long term goals, but it means taking a brief hiatus from writing so much.

Can’t wait to get back in touch with ya’ll! Keep us in your thoughts until then!


Working Class Economics

My thoughts for the day(cade). I’m about over this running in place thing. I’m always strategizing about how to live authentically but also break away from institutional control. Financial independence is the Millennial American Dream – not a house we can’t afford or a truck that shows how in debt we are. I think my generation largely just wants to live a simpler life – and many of us are BUSTING IT to make that happen.

More Ideas for Managing Abnormal Stress Levels (Don’t Pull the Trigger!)

On June 11th, I posted a blog about managing abnormal stress levels. Several folks reached out to me and said that they found it helpful, so I’ve thought of a few new ways that I manage stress and wanted to share them as well. You can check out the first blog, here.

One of the key points in the first blog was recognizing how helpful reading and studying can be in managing stress and mental battles, and I decided to expound on that with my June 20th article titled, “Four Books to Pull You Back From The Brink.” I KNOW those books will help you if you invest the time in them.

Well, I’ve since implemented some new stress control methods in my life and I wanted to continue adding tools to peoples’ kits – so you can read them below:

  1. Spend time in the outdoors. Amanda (My Wife) and I actually have an entirely separate blog on this (The Gypsy and The Bard), and I can’t believe I forgot to mention it during my first edition of this post. Spending time outside in whatever way you prefer is a great way to manage stress. Combine this with the reading suggestion and go read the work of the transcendentalists while relaxing by a private waterfall. It’s sure to restore some energy to your life. You can also incorporate my next tip into this one!
  2. Get an animal. While I always caution against projecting toward humans (IE: Savior Searching), it’s perfectly acceptable to project toward a sweet pupper or other animal. They’re much less likely to disappoint, and you can search for one who has the temperament you need. I just got a little curr, who his gentle enough for my child, but also playful enough for me.
  3. Play an RPG. Don’t knock it til you try it! Playing an RPG, particularly an MMO, is a great way to disconnect from the stresses of your day and unwind a bit. It’s even better if you have friends who will join you. It’s a great way to socialize while also staying away from people – just be sure not to get sucked too far into the cyber realms! As with all things, balance is key.
  4. Blog! Obviously all of you are already doing this, but blogging has really been a great way for me to connect to new people and ideas, and find people who support my own. Thanks for what ya’ll do!

That’s all I have time for today, but I hope some of those tips help! Let me know if they do or if you have any others. Resilience and defiance are how we overcome adversity, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few tricks for managing stress along the way.

More to come, as always.